Field Trips

ESPP Concentrators are eligible to participate in an annual J-Term field trip to further expand their studies.  Please check back for updates on our next trip.

Graduate School of Design professor Richard Forman led the January 2015 trip to the Sevilleta Field Station, operated by the University of New Mexico and located in central New Mexico (60 miles south of Albuquerque). Concentrators spent a week exploring the diverse ecological and biological landscape of the American Southwest. The station lies at the junction of several major ecosystems, and researchers have access to a broad diversity of habitats, including the Chihuanhuan Desert grasslands and shrublands; Colorado Plateau shrub-steppe; juniper savanna; the riparian Rio Grande corridor; and more.   


In January 2014 concentrators traveled to the Archbold Biological Station, located seven miles south of Lake Placid, Florida, for a week of ecological studies on human-imprinted areas and land-use planning. Led by Professor Richard Forman and Professor James McCarthy, the students visited a variety of habitats; evaluated competing land uses; and developed a land-use plan for a changing Highlands County, Florida landscape, which was later presented to a group of local townspeople. 


In January 2013  Concentrators were given the opportunity to spend J-Term aboard the Sailing School vessel Corwith Cramer, operated by the Sea Education Association (SEA) in Woods Hole. Participants met the ship in Key West, Florida and sailed across the Gulf Stream and back to Key West.

During their experience, students took advantage of the state-of-the-art research tools, processing oceanographic samples, standing round-the-clock shifts and delving into navigation, science, and becoming members of the crew. All costs of the trip (including roundtrip transportation from Boston to Key West) were covered. Please see the slideshow above for photos from the experience.