Spring 2020 Resources & Notes

remote learning

ZESPP Sessions
Each session will be led by one or two faculty members and will begin with a 10-minute reflection on a particular topic, after which we will open it up to questions and dialogue from student (and faculty) participants. Conferences will last an hour at most and the hope is for these to be fun and to help sustain our sense of community. 

Thursday, March 26 from 5-6pm, eastern time - Professor Dan Schrag on “Public reaction to COVID-19: are there any lessons for climate change?”

Thursday, April 2 from 5-6pm, eastern time - Professor Robert Stavins on “What – if anything – can an economic perspective offer for better climate change policy?”

Thursday, April 9 from 4-5pm, eastern time - Professor David Keith on "Cleantech, carbon removal, and solar geoengineering: what role for technology in managing climate change?" 

Thursday, April 16 from 4-5pm, eastern time - Professor Forest Reinhardt on "Agriculture and Environment:  The Case of Impossible Foods"  PLEASE REFER TO LORRAINE'S EMAIL FOR THIS SESSION; Recommended Reading and questions to think about prior to joining. 

Thursday, April 23 from 5-6pm, eastern time - Professor John Holdren on "Climate Change in the Arctic—Why Everybody Should Care" Zoom Link: https://harvard.zoom.us/j/775967663

OFFICE HOURS (via Zoom):

Lorraine - Wednesdays from 1-3pm. Zoom link: https://harvard.zoom.us/my/lorrainemaffeo


Students and Faculty
Remote learning best practices for students: https://learnremotely.harvard.edu/
For faculty and TFs on College classes: https://oue.fas.harvard.edu/resources-faculty

From the Harvard Library: Information on Access and Resources
Harvard's Academic Resource Center for students: https://academicresourcecenter.harvard.edu/home

General advice on remote instruction, pedagogy, and Zoom/Canvas training: https://teachremotely.harvard.edu/
From HUIT, best Zoom practices and links to Zoom training: https://harvard.service-now.com/ithelp/ithelp?id=kb_article&sys_id=f8c8bc8adbbeb704dffdbc32ba9619e0

Campus Contacts
FAS Registrar virtual walk-in office hours:
To contact the Office of Undergraduate Education: oue@fas.harvard.edu
To contact the FAS Academic Technology Group: atg@fas.harvard.edu
HUIT’s working remote site, updated regularly: https://huit.harvard.edu/remote
MessageMe - sign up for Harvard alerts:
Commencement 2020 Information: https://commencement.harvard.edu/2020

HUIT has produced two one-page guides for faculty (and others) on what to do if Zoom fails, or there are home network problems while teaching.  The goal is to promote these one-pagers as broadly as possible through appropriate venues:

Updated March 22, 2020