William  Clark

William Clark

Harvey Brooks Professor of International Science, Public Policy and Human Development
Harvard Kennedy School

Research Interests: Sustainable development, interactions of environment, development, and security concerns in international affairs, with special emphasis on the role of science and technology.

p: 617-495-3981 (Littauer 360B)
Michael Hooper

Michael Hooper

Associate Professor of Urban Planning
Graduate School of Design

Research Interests: Politics of land use and urbanization, participatory planning and governance, and urban dimensions of international development.

p: 617-496-2602 (Gund 401a)
James  J McCarthy

James J McCarthy

Alexander Agassiz Professor of Biological Oceanography
Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests: Marine nitrogen cycling; coastal and offshore plankton productivity; biological-physical interactions in the sea; effects of climate change on marine systems.

p: 617-495-2330 (MCZ Labs 503)
Michael B. McElroy

Michael B. McElroy

Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies
John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Research Interests: Changes in the composition of the atmosphere, with an emphasis on the impact of human activity especially energy use; chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans, including interactions with the biosphere; evolution of planetary atmospheres; global carbon cycle.

p: (617) 496-5745 (Pierce 100E)
Ann Pearson

Ann Pearson

Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Research Interests: Carbon isotope biogeochemistry; compound-specific d13C and D14C analysis; global organic carbon cycle; microbial metabolism in anoxic marine systems; sources of carbon to marine sediments.

p: 617-384-8392 (Hoffman 303)
Forest  Reinhardt

Forest Reinhardt

John D. Black Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

Research Interests: Behavior of private and public organizations that manage natural resources; economics of externalities and public goods; environmental management; energy strategy.

p: 617-495-6610
Andrew  Richardson

Andrew Richardson

Assistant Professor of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests: Forest ecology, the carbon cycle, phenology, and broader impacts of global change on terrestrial ecosystems.

p: 617-496-1277 (22 Divinity Ave., HUH 421)
Daniel  P Schrag

Daniel P Schrag

Sturgis Hooper Professor of Geology
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Research Interests: Geochemical oceanography; stable isotope geochemistry; paleoclimatology; climate change; carbon sequestration; energy technology.

p: 617-495-7676 (Hoffman 309)
John  H Shaw

John H Shaw

Harry C. Dudley Professor of Structural & Economic Geology
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Research Interests: Structure of the earth's crust; active faulting and folding; earthquake hazards assessment; petroleum exploration methods; remote sensing.

p: 617-495-8008
Robert  Stavins

Robert Stavins

Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government
Harvard Kennedy School

Research Interests: Environmental economics, natural resource economics, and related public policy; innovation and diffusion of technology; market-based strategies for future climate policy; international climate agreements.

p: 617-495-1820 (Littauer 306)
Martin  L Weitzman

Martin L Weitzman

Professor of Economics
Department of Economics

Research Interests: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Climate Change, Discounting, Economics of Catastrophes, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Comparison of Alternative Instruments for Controlling Pollution, Green Accounting, Economics of Biodiversity, Role of Uncertainty in Environmental Economics.

p: 617-495-5133 (Littauer 313)
Steven  Wofsy

Steven Wofsy

Abbott Lawrence Rotch Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Science
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Research Interests: Sources, sinks, transformations, and transport of atmospheric gases; climate change; atmospheric chemistry.

p: 617-495-4566 (Pierce 110D)