Concord Field Station (CFS) in Bedford studies animal respiratory physiology, locomotion, and ecological physiology. A CFS van makes daily trips to and from Cambridge.

Forestry and other plant research is conducted at Harvard Forest, located on 3,000 acres in Petersham, MA (100 km from Cambridge)

The Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School has study groups, forums, and information about summer internships and travel grants.

The Science Center contains many modern laboratories with research quality equipment and apparatus.

The research laboratories of the pertinent science departments contain machine and glass shops, computers, and a wide array of modern and sophisticated instruments (such as optical scanning and electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, Auger spectrometer, x-ray diffractometers, XRF, NMR, and FTIR, as well as equipment for cineradiography, electromyography, and photography).