Andy Frank

Founder and President, Sealed

“ESPP prepared me for my career in business more than I could have imagined. The biggest thing I took away was how all systems are ultimately interrelated, and you can’t really solve any given problem with a narrow lens. ESPP also gave me a unique perspective on the scale of our climate challenges, which helped focus my career path towards energy efficiency.

As I build my company, Sealed, I find myself relying on the same multi-disciplinary approach that ESPP focused on. In order to reduce home energy use, I have to combine an engineering, statistics, psychology, and policy lens, all at the same time. As painful as it was to take Organic Chemistry, ESPP was the right decision for me.

I started Sealed because I saw that the tremendous environmental and economic potential for energy efficiency was being held back because people didn’t believe the savings. Sealed solves this problem by guaranteeing the savings, solving the biggest challenge to the largest carbon reduction opportunity. And, shameless plug, if you are an ESPP undergrad or alum, come work at Sealed!”
-ESPP '05