ESPP Senior Honors Thesis Poster Presentations


Friday, April 28, 2017, 11:30am to 1:00pm


HUCE Room 440, 26 Oxford St, 4th Floor

Join us for refreshments and poster presentations from our 12 senior honors thesis writers:

  • Karl Aspelund, “When and Where the Weather Matters: Changing Seasonal Cycles in Employment since 1990 and Implications for Adaptation to Heat and Cold"
  • Melissa Balding, “Bicycling for Transportation: The Role of Social Marketing Strategies in Facilitating Behavior Change”
  • Jacob Barton, “Two Centuries of Shorelines in Flux: Reading our Climate Crisis through Coastal Literature”
  • Savannah Bradley, “The Winners and Losers in the Olympic Games: Assessing Equity in the Olympic Legacies of London and Beijing”
  • Mayer Chalom, “Type II Diabetes as an Environmental Mismatch: A Molecular Approach”
  • Olivia Chen, “Pursuing Environmental Justice in Hong Kong’s Land Use Planning: The Central Harbourfront Case Study”
  • Johann Colloredo-Mansfeld, “The End of the Dirt Road: Presenting an Innovative Solution to Promote Sustainable Economic Growth Among the World’s Smallholder Farmers by Addressing Post-Harvest Losses”
  • Clifford Goertemiller, “Reducing Harvard University’s GHG Emissions 50% by 2050”
  • Tuna Hayirli, “Hopes, Fears and the Futures of Gene Drives”
  • Joy Jing, “Moving Masses: The Role of Institutions in Post Natural Disaster Relocation”
  • Forrest Lewis, “Quantifying the Magnitude of the Kok Effect through the Growing Season for Dominant Species in a Temperate Forest”
  • Deng-Tung Wang, “Addressing Urban Stormwater Management Under Climate Change: A Case Study for Cambridge”