Harvard Forest


Saturday, September 28 - Sunday, September 29, 2019
Harvard Forest

Depart Cambridge on Saturday at 9am; return Sunday at approximately 2pm

ESPP Concentrators are invited to register for an overnight excursion to Harvard Forest, led by Richard T.T. Forman, Professor of Advanced Environmental Studies in the Field of Landscape Ecology, Emeritus and Michaela Thompson, ESPP Preceptor. During the field trip, concentrators will:

  • Explore ecology and climate change through the lens of a research forest tour
  • Peer above the forest canopy via the Harvard Forest tower
  • Study the effects of settlements on surrounding forests, and vice versa, to design better towns/villages
  • Hunt for arctic and insectivorous plants during a bog walk, and hear the sounds of the forest after dark during a nighttime walk

Questions? Contact Lorraine Maffeo, Program Administrator