Amy Kobelski Trueblood

Trial and Appellate Litigation Attorney

"I've really come to appreciate the depth and breadth of my Environmental Science and Public Policy education as a trial and appellate litigation attorney.  The economics and public policy aspects were perhaps most foreign to me when I entered college, and I've found them to be particularly useful in reading and understanding legislation and -- truly -- the world around me every day.  My concentration proved extremely valuable in defending a $100 million environmental legal malpractice action, but I also worked on antitrust matters that drew heavily on my economics background. 

ESPP gave me a phenomenal foundation on which to build specific knowledge as required by my career as a litigator.  Moreover, my focus on environmental economics is something I think about nearly everyday when reading about world events.  In fact, the recent disaster in Japan involved so many areas of ESPP's concentration, I found myself thinking of my ESPP classes during those weeks -- from my understanding focal spheres to considering the environmental and economic effects of the nuclear situation."
- Class of '00