Ethan Addicott

Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Doctoral Candidate

"As a freshman, ESPP appealed to me as a concentration in which I could receive individual attention and guidance through an expansive set of resources spanning multiple departments. Upon declaring my concentration sophomore fall, it was clear to me that by fulfilling the ESPP degree requirements I would gain a broad education in the natural world and a deep understanding of how to analyze and solve problems surrounding our complex interactions with it.

As I pursue a career in natural resource economics I take with me the invaluable experiences of the two ESPP90 Seminars I have taken. These small, focused classes have afforded me the opportunity to interact with guest lecturers from across the globe -- experts in innovation and technology, biotechnology and GMOs, environmental health, particulate air pollution, solid waste, and indoor air quality. In addition to discussing their work, these experts shared their experiences and career paths, providing advice that was as valuable as the cutting-edge research they shared with us." 
- Class of '14