Forrest Briscoe

Forrest BriscoeAssociate Professor, Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State University

"I wouldn’t trade the ESPP experience for anything. It gave me a community – a really interesting group of people, places, ideas – not too big, not too small – that really fostered my growth at Harvard. One thing I valued a great deal was the chance to work with and get to know the faculty in ESPP. I was interested in exploring both the science side and the policy side, and was able to work on projects with cutting edge researchers in both areas. In ESPP this dove-tailed nicely with what I was doing in my classes, so it felt like everything was integrated and very relevant to the real world. Today, I teach in a business school, and do research on how businesses and other organizations relate to a range of social problems. ESPP was actually great preparation for what I do now: it really got me thinking about how hard it is to apply scientic rigor to problems that have a heavy human component." - Class of '95