Joseph Lynch

Orthopedic Surgeon, U.S. Navy, Landstuhl, Germany

"The ESPP program was extremely valuable in preparing me for my current career.  ESPP provided breath in the sciences and allowed study of subjects which are unique, intriguing, and current.  For those pursing medicine, ESPP was an ideal concentration as it facilitates completion of the typical "pre-med" requirements, but more importantly it affords an opportunity to explore one's talents in the sciences as applied to other fields.  One of my fondest memories of Harvard was the concentration and the educational requirements of the degree - phenomenal!  I wish I could do it all over again - I would pay twice as much attention and give ten times the effort!

The best advice I could give incoming/current ESPP students is to seek as broad and diverse an education as possible . . . you only get one chance and will likely never be presented the opportunity to learn as you will as an undergraduate at Harvard . . . the opportunity is truly priceless."
- Class of '98