Reylon Yount

Musician and Marshall ScholarĀ 

"I chose to study ESPP because all governments, companies, and communities are thinking about environmental challenges on some level, and I want to be a part of growing efforts to address those challenges. I was also attracted to this concentration because it allowed me to fully experience a liberal arts education by exposing me to and integrating multiple fields of study. The ESPP program at Harvard has provided me with a valuable, interdisciplinary understanding of environmental challenges, while flexibly enabling me to focus on aspects that I am most interested in. I am incredibly grateful for the close attention that the faculty and staff pay to their students. Given the multilayered nature of our subject matter, it was crucial to be able to work with mentors and administrators who could help me develop a clear academic vision and concrete research goals. My primary academic interest is in helping to situate the arts in relation to existing sustainability frameworks. In the future, I plan to become a producer who can spearhead projects in music and film and help create the cultural conditions necessary to build sustainable communities."
-ESPP '16