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Toward a More Reflective Planet

Toward a More Reflective Planet

June 16, 2016

An Op-Ed by David Keith & Gernot Wagner, ESPP ’02, M.A. ’06, Ph.D. ’07

The last time the atmosphere held as much carbon dioxide as it does today was about three million years ago – a time when sea levels were 10-30 meters higher than they are now. Climate models have long struggled to duplicate those large fluctuations in sea levels – until now. Indeed, for the first time, a high-quality model of Antarctic ice and climate has been able to simulate these large swings. That...

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Studying Indy's Air

Studying Indy's Air

May 17, 2016

A team of national and international researchers is in Indianapolis measuring greenhouse emissions in the city.

Dr. Steven C. Wofsy, Abbott Lawrence Rotch professor of atmospheric and environmental science at Harvard University, leads the team consisting of researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and a German university. Six undergraduate students from the University of Indianapolis are also assisting the research team with instrument setup and data analysis.

“The overall goal is to determine the amount of carbon dioxide and methane greenhouse gases being produced...

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Ann Pearson Named Harvard College Professor

Ann Pearson Named Harvard College Professor

May 10, 2016

Though Harvard faculty members often garner accolades for their pioneering research, they are perhaps less often publically celebrated for their talents as teachers and mentors. In that spirit, each year a select group of them are named Harvard College Professors to recognize, in addition to their research activities, their excellence in undergraduate teaching and their important contributions to students.

Edgerley Family Dean of the  Faculty of Arts and Sciences ...

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